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, Everywhere rock horizontal Chen.
A piece of rocks all have two pieces of tatamis each time so big.After being exactly a lunch at the moment of stop and rest time, transport stony worker’s milli- inattentively at these insolate the hair burn of rock up or lie or sit or lie or lie prone, enjoy a short moment easily.And the old cow of Duo timber also flow a Xian rest in a side, whole body Ding full fly.
They are constructing Fu to see city.
Constructing the main cause that the Fu sees city not is one of the post-war policies of virtuous Chuan because of a life time calls that the house Kang of “greatly resist” wants to live here,, .
First, can let table generation the various Hou ① unlikely become Yi joy to be slacken;The economic power that second, can consume various Hou ② of outside kind.
Again then for making the civilian praise the benevolent government of virtuous Chuan,, so be everywhere building many new buildings, make the civilian common people increase income so much.
At present construct city defense have already become a nationwide plan, the scale is very and huge, include to construct a river a door the city, Nagoya city and Jun mansion city, more behind the city,celine bags, Kuei-shan city, and big Jin city…etc. of the Gao Tian Cheng, Yan root.
Construct Fu to see the city use about thousand of flashing worker, the main work is the stone wall that constructs outside city wall, therefore lead to come to numerous prostitutes, carter and businessman to flow out into Fu to see Ting one after another.
“Greatly resist very prosperous!”
Everyone is praising the benevolent government of virtuous Chuan.
Still have-
“If started fighting ……”
The town people is good at opportunistic,celine bags, all be inwardly calculating.To the some kind of social fluctuation careful and detailed calculations after, they break to settle:
Is definitely can earn big money here!
Therefore, invisibly the merchandise is tended to stimulate, all of certainly big parts are ammunitions.
The common common people’s brain inside already no longer thinks of culture of Ge ages too.They are infatuated with to the new policy that greatly resists, regardless and by whom hold real power currently, as long as canning satisfy personal desires and life, have no complaint.
Kang in the house makes use of the mental state of ordinary people to ride with the current and be like Sa candy the sort is to the kid very easy to do.But he doesn’t use the wealth of virtuous Chuan household to bring benefit to a civilian, but to financial power strong outside kind various Hous imposition Ke tax, kill two birds with one stone thus, can win a popular support, and can weaken the influence of these various Hous.
In addition to city policy, greatly resist there is still village policy in the political policy of.Henceforth disallow to formerly have no a Lyu method ground advertise for to donate taxation, also is incompletely controled everything by government.Thus, the feudalism policy of virtuous Chuan type slowly extends to°from the city country.
The former assertion civilian doesn’t need to know politics and carries out a governmental policy then.
Now become don’t make farmer hungry, can not allow its indulgence to have no degree, either, is the biggest mercy that dispenses farmer.
The whole administration policy contained very big change and mainly wanted to let people to take virtuous Chuan as center forever,tory burch outlet.
This policy influenced various Hou and people in general at the same time and became the premise of feudal system that leads long to make posterity descendant.However at the moment who also can’t in consideration of the affair after a hundred years.
Should say these workers and the rock porterage workses that construct city defense not, even tomorrow’s affair doesn’t worry as well.
They as long as once having lunch, will pray:
The sky hurries black!
These are their all desires.
But sometimes they will also warmly discuss situation:
“Can’t the meeting fight again?”
“If will beat, is when?”

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The Yi was a murderer, rather threw it.”
The edge of spooler in bosom has been stabbing very ill, take this thing to run about also pretty troublesome everywhere.
But, again eight right away again thought of to throw away to really very pitiful, oneself finally body have no little money, this spooler is also tantamount to his/her own property similar.Take this thing as brick for knock door anyway,‎, even if can not lead to a get ahead door, always can find out buyer!Because he embraces a thus fluky in the mind, so even if once was subjected to the beguilement of red wall 80 horses, still have no awakening.
Falsely use’s writing is spreading Mi the small time of last wood of Zuo Zuo of the Lang and eat very much open.To unknown little Wu Guan or like the stranger of swordsmanship, report a small time the name of the Lang after, not only can acquire tremendous high regard of the other party, but also naturally what, on staying overnight the matter of one rice,cheap tory burch, the other party will also have the initiative a processing.
These half month since New Year, he is all about had a meal by this spooler to make a living.
“Or don’t throw away.I look like the ambition is more and more small, this perhaps will hinder me to stand out.I should learn the generous generosity of spirit that the force hides and keep up with toward the guy that takes to conquer the world be.”
Although the heart make decision,the heart stays tonight of the place still have no whereabouts.The house of slum, although is build with mud and couch grass, and have been already tilted to one sided, tottering.But, as long as have eaves, have a door of place,tory burch outlet, will make again eight don’t already envy.
Temple originally Wu Zang Feng’s book(15)
Again the look in the eyes of eight greeds watches and waits slum.Each family here, look all very poor.
2 husband and wife sit opposite a pot of side, the brother and sister round an old mother, is rushing through nightwork.However, although the physical life is very short of,cheap celine bag,have to show what Ji or Kang house in the house are in need of to support mutually of thing, that is the strong poor family blood relationship natural affection.Because the family comfort each other, mutual make allowance for, so this slum just don’t become the place that the hungry ghost lives.
“I am also the person-mother’s adult who has a mother!You are O.K.?”
Again eight suddenly start to think of a mother.
At the end of last year, after spending seven days with mother, because of feel the day of mother and child a pair is really boring, so the midway leaves mother but go.
“I be really should not!Pitiful mother ……no matter how I pursue a favorite woman, can not also find out to be like mother’s sort from the heart love deeply my woman.”
Being apart from the mileages that the destination remains is few, again eight thought of a clear water view the sound hall sees.Yonder under the eaves, always find shelter of place!Besides, opportunity chance meeting, perhaps can also meet a mother.
Old mother the Chinese fir is devout of follower, it is a Buddha to regardless is absolute being, she believes firmly them to have uncommon divine power.!Be much more than believe just, even depend on them.The Chinese fir is in Osaka and again seven days of 81 lives in, mother and child so is on bed terms, because the Chinese fir whole day exert into an absolute being agency Buddhist temple to run.This kind of situation, make again eight feel boring,cheap tory burch, feel can not long-term together living with mother.
At that time, again eight the some timeses listenned to the Chinese fir said:
“The god wants to show supernatural power, the world didn’t be like the clear water temple view a life time sound bodhisattva so efficacy.I got to there godliness to pray for 3-7 days, make me run into Wu Zang that guy, and, still just is the palace ex- to meet!Therefore, only the clear water temple view a life time sound bodhisattva is truely efficacy god devout of believe him!”
“Arrived in spring,

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Mention that bastard’s name on one’s own initiative ……why still want to think of that silver coin again again???
“The sunlight in Winter Solstice day is projected light upon with a particular angle on the silver coin, silver coin the meeting guide a happy direction for its host and take the lover that he meets this present life ……because of this legend??”
“H’m ……do you believe?I don’t believe~!!The elder sister tells me for the first time this legend of time I not believe!!But ……I but saw throw to lose with my elder sister of the silver coin for looking exactly alike, it on Han Can Yu’s necklace!This is the heaven’s will or strangely fits??!”
Seem one regiment flame is in the throat and burn the Mao Mao Pa Pa~.
It was full of question in eyes of”you are to say ……” clear night, but didn’t keep on asking.
I take out a coin and make an effort a dynasty surface to up throw.
Sou Sou-
Plop ……
The coin shook to sway to sink into water bottom.
That sheen that gleam ……good sting eye!!
I stare at that coin, the heart bottom suddenly upsurges a desire that wants to get off the heart.
“Clear night,celine bags, do you have own elder sister or elder brother?”
“Have no.How?”
“I ……in fact have a twin elder sister, she is Chen Ying En.”
Shout ……speak English elder sister En’s name, be like to uncover together cant not bear to touch to touch for a long time for a long time of wound Ba.
Good pain, ┯⌒ the ┯ is very painful ……
“I and English elder sister En are premature infants, one birth is all put into a hospital of warm box of do a special nursing.But, at the right moment was also born that day a male kid, the body is very weak, also need warm box of, hospital inside just again have no.They without authorization elder sister from warm box of in move out, warm box of give that rich family’s kid- gave the hospital 1 big pen to make a contribution to because of their house ……
“Because this time mishap, the elder sister got the cold wound linger effect of new born.Afterwards always the health condition isn’t good, the heart is very weak, usually a cough, reaction is also more slowly some than ordinary people ……
“As we are going to a pleasure ground and playing pirate ship, she can looking at in a side.She always smiles to say to me, we are twins, the mind is mutually,celine bags, as long as I have a good time her and then will feel happy, but I know, she in fact really thinks to have fun and really wants to really want to go ……
“We by chance knew that family’s address at the age of 6 , sought that male kid.The time that sees that boy, I really want to help an elder sister to ruthlessly beat him up, but the elder sister don’t make me go to, she says to me:Being full of the little girl of hating the idea is to can not find a prince, loving will be like stars similar and flickering become bright ……however,tory burch outlet, from that day after, the elder sister could not found the silver coin that she likes most any further ……

The memory of most deeply the most painful VOL.21(2)

“Again afterwards, the boy of the elder sister and neighbor’s house bullet piano …… play …… play …………” I sob, cannoted say.
“Bastard~!I hate a hospital~!I hate that family more~!They how to be so selfish, completely neglect the other people’s living!!That boy definitely lives very comfortablely now,, although this matter isn’t his wrong,cheap tory burch, I still keep hating him~!He captured my elder sister’s health!He has to pay for it for his selfish family committing of mistake~!!!”
Several years of depressed eventually

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, Today wave hand horse don’t go.”Sing unexpectedly gloomy tear falls, this also no wonder that.Her looking back for many years husband and wife’s boon is today and only deep, feel for this bottomless night good luck but suddenly abandon, city returned to once leave, actually not- wise of raise.The clear stone Ji also sings a hymn a way:
“This go to boundless have no vestige, the impermanent matter is difficult to know.According to the idea of daughter,celine handbag, the father had better dower us to go into a city.”Her language of expression is sincere.But clear stone way humality:”And is hard to get away because of the various kind of reason.”However read and the womenfolk of a family have many inconvenience all the way, and then unusually worry.
He way:”I was you in those early years but Ci don’t Kyoto, live as recluse country wild.Actually hope in this country to guard, so that the morning and night with concentrated effort bring up you.Who after anticipating to take office, then the situation invites many troubleses, with the result that is improverished.Return to return Kyoto at present, just an old country for declining guards and actually has no the distress career of dint change financial situation comedown.In is more male than private, all come to a stupid bad reputation,, but leads with this and ancestry fame, solid if Wan heart.I Ci city of, all think that I necessarily go into Buddhism.I also feel that the world fame and wealth is weak thin, leaves of the shortage cherish.But see your age slightly long, more show smartness skillful, and then feel I without the reason cover up this bright pearl in sand.Is alas, wretchedness the world parents’ heart, is sons and daughters but painfully sad, unexpectedly always have no clear of.Hence grovel to beg a Buddha, only wish the oneself life is poor, absolutely not to involve in sons and daughters, allow it to degenerate country wild.Is long to embrace this wish, with diagram future.Indeed as expected the matter has an accident, with source surname childe pleased knot good marriage, really is celebrate of matter.Nevertheless because the identity is, read and you after returning to future prospects, and then unavoidably concern 100001000, all day long the sorrow sighs.There is this beloved daughter afterwards, the square believes a life to settle night good luck not shallow.Teach him here the seaside to live and actually and very discommode.Imagining this kid will definitely be shown to people of this world.I can not see its growth in the days to come although the feeling is sad, my body since already the decision insulate material life and then have no him to attend to.I this small daughter’s daughter body up have the glory expensive blessing mutually.She accidentally livings country wild, temporarily disturb me this country lad heart, this is front good luck settle.I compare to a sky the fairy occasionally fall into three way bad way, temporarily bear some kind of pain and sufferings, today then become part forever.The dead that hear me in the days to come consumes and needs not makes track for Jian for me, either.Old saving way:’The big limit can not escape’, absolutely not to sad wide its tone even resolute, reply and say:”I still then save one on the first in the human life silk dust heart, in day and night at 6:00 of in the orison, certainly want to bless for my this beloved daughter.”Speech and small daughter’s daughter, tears again desire run off.
Go to a city if walk route on land, the vehicle then is numerous, particularly ask for an eye.If is divided into land-and-water two roads,tory burch outlet, again too troublesome then.Because of come to make to keep shady also often in the city, hence decide the all take boat, secretly left for.
Chen set out, a sail a boat at the ancients sing of”dynasty fog of river bank” in gradually concealed go.The clear stone way person follows with eyes to row boat gradually and far and very feels painfully sad in the heart, disappointed if lose, hard from the solution.The nun madam in the ship left to spoil to reside of country and return already unfamiliar Kyoto, also filled with a thousand regrets, can not help tear falls, full flow a face.Sing a way to the daughter:
“The desire ascends the other shore heart if lose, the boat goes to a midstream to reply to turn back.”The clear stone Ji answers poem cloud:
“River bank strand more degree several spring autumns,cheap tory burch, suddenly to float to rub into Kyoto.”This day walks in chance encounter and with the wind over water road, give up boat debarkation, go by car to arrive Kyoto, have never delayed date.In order to avoid outsider hostile opinion,celine bag, all the way extremely careful.
The Di house of big embankment also has an idea interest rather.Compared with the river bank soil resided to hate, extremely alike, don’t be not well acquainted with unwell.However look back an old matter, the regrets is rather many.It is new to lately build gallery building style

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Have never sent to make mutually Wei.The gentleman encounters this sorrow and truly belongs to misery at present.Push to read a gentleman bitterness, the heart is together sad.The duty hopes Cha human feelings and save impermanent, the masturbation is important.”The sorrow of the princess is excesssive, several go to the eyes don’t see, however still strong from reply by letter.Lay a coffin in a memorial hall matter of burying to completely act according to an old madam while was living the Zhu.The that day namely goes funeral ceremony, the whole funerals work all from old madam’s nephew greatly with guard to be responsible for cuisine.The princess livings to be loath to part so much and beg you to permit her with mother again much foolish momentary, but this matter can not promise.Hence immediately hold funeral procession.Face to set out, Xi fog great commander arrives.
Once called family at the moment that Xi fog leaves:”If don’t offer condolences, henceforth everything not agreeable, disadvantageous line.”Actually his heart then knows the princess is sorrow difficult to forbid, the heart bottom concerns about, and the hasty desire goes to.The family advise it to become nervous, however his intention already settle, and the journey is faraway, so immediately leave.Sees worry cloud to tie up to round in country villa, miserably fog is layer after layer.The remains is gloomy to terrible, surround with the screen in case the visitor sees.Xi fog is pleased living room the west enter inside room into the old madam, big and guard restraining tears mutually face.Xi fog leans on on the side door railing, the Zhao maid comes.Many maids keep the tears sad Qi company for consecutive days,celine bags, all the absolute being thinks a Huang space, but since receive Xi fog Hui to face and still feel delighted rather in person.The small major general gentleman as well comes to mutually accompany.Xi fog sees it, the momentary tube Ning chokes.His vegetable come strong, not and easily play the person of tears, but this feeling is this view, and then make people read and while was living, old madam’s heart bottom unavoidably regrets ten thousand carry.And the life is impermanent, as well the non- vegetable day rumours, but see with one’s own eyes close Li, add more to how many painfully sad.Fall calm very easily, then make the major general gentleman turn to reach a princess:”The Xi smells old madam’s some turning pointses, the mood relaxs, unexpectedly to neglect.The big dream recovery must also take some time, don’t think soon however resign from, quickly in wake up from dream, actually make me frightened and difficult to express!”The princess wishes:”My mother dies,celine bags, much therefore person, although belong to a previous incarnation life to settle, this leads long line finally hateful.”Hence not to realize.Many maids with one voice way:’Add this to make me wait how to reply?Come to mutually mourn especially as a great commander, investigate to belong to utmost sincerity.If don’t answer, is disrespect.”Princess’ way:”The heart that push me with you on behalf replies!I as well hard put dialogue.”The speech after all lies down a body.This pours to blame her.The small major general gentleman then goes out Xi fog once:”Come here,celine bags, in chance encounter the princess is fainted, have been already reported at present.The maids have already sobbed.”Xi fog short cut:”I also have no from pacify her.Need my I’s mood slightly settle, princess’ grief slightly solution, come to send greetings to again.This time,tory burch outlet, the just old madam touches however passes away, can have cause?The wish smells it detailed.”The small major general gentleman is waiting an old madam Xi fog but don’t arrive, depressed but die to about tell.Then way:”This words have already resented a strange idea of great commander.Is solid because of now already the turmoil absolute being faint and is a speech not appropriate.The great commander desire knows that it is detailed, then needs princess’ sad sorrow to slightly solve,tory burch outlet, mood stable, again small and soft report.Hope to forgive.”Xi fog sees her absolute being thinking Huang.Squat down, the desire says of the words also felt hard to start to talk.Soon afterward square way:”I also slightly feel the state of mind disorder and just wish you to advise a princess again, even if the speech phrase also invites her to reply me a /he doesn’t wish to now return to.But eventually and consequently contemporaries many eyes are heavy, fear be seen as light-minded, having to the quick Ci of Hui do not.He has never expected tonight to bury, very feels ostentatious simple and has already lost generosity of spirit.Then call nearby manor middleman, the order has thin, all look after, just leave.Burying an instrument originally in brief is this time to help because of Xi fog now, suddenly solemn and impressive, take part in a funeral procession a number to also increase, so being big and guarding is delighted of to, even appreciate to Xi fog.Shed leaves a princess to read each time and mother

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Sleep, is it you to also think.”
He suddenly a hold tight my neckband, tightly stare me.I start thinking that he wants to strangle to death me again, because this is his first plan.
“You know that clothes that he wear and your similar, is many a hats, ” I whole body dither ground explained to him, “and he also, he is also, ” I don’t know should how underneath of the phrase sentence say the in proper form noodles is some, “have a what things fasten on the feet,cheap tory burch, should also want a Cuo son.You heard fire a gun at the mid-night yesterday of voice?”
“That really is fire a gun?”He says to he.
“Your how canning can not affirm is to fire a gun?”I answer a way,tory burch outlet, ” our house leaves very far, and the door closes again, we all heard.”
“Is alas, lo I!”He says, ” I a person alone slept on this at that time, depressed brains, all empty of belly, cold must shiver on the body, lack food to lack dress, over the night in addition to cannon voice person’s voice, other can also hear what?Not only hear, I still saw soldier.The their hand holds lighted torch, the light of fire shines upon the uniform in red and just outflanks and attacks toward me since then.They call my number , to my challenge, hears they the mauser pistol Mao Da Mao the sound of the Da, hear they descend of order a voice, ‘the brotherses, notice now:Is each each, present arms, take aim at to him!’Immediately after caught-they also disappeared!Yes, I see have one to hunt for a brigade last night,celine bags, they the whole brigade since then, the Mao Ca Mao Ca ground steps lawn, his mama of, which is a , but 100.As for fire a gun,cheap tory burch, I see cannon voice fog spirit all vibrate tremble, have been very bright that time sky.However this person, “he said along whiles all forget I am here,cheap celine bag, now just remember, ” what characteristics do you notice him to have?”
“I saw swollen in his face one big piece.”I answer a way.Remember at that time, hard to said me to see very correctly.
“Is not here?”He loudly asks me and uses a palm to ruthlessly beat on own left face.
“To, is here.”
“Where is he now?”Say he fills into him the some food only leaving the chest of that gray blouse.”Tell me the place that he goes to.I want to be like a hunting dog, must catch up with him.This shackles is really hateful, the feet aren’t painful walk.Kid brings over here Cuo son for me.”
I point the direction to him to see, tell him that another heavy mist of person’s right there surrounds in.He raises the head toward there and hopes in a short while, then then sits in delivering smelly damp lawn and use Cuo son Cuo his shackles.He that strength son is absolutely like a bedlamite, to body side of I am as inattentive as his own feet milli-.There is an old wound on his leg, now drive make blood paste paste of, but he stupidly hangs and imitate his leg of Buddha similar to the file don’t feel.Now my heart in fear again to him.He is so anxious blunt blunt of appearance, not from get I ain’t frightened;Say again, my coming out has been enough long, can not delay again.I tell him that I wanted to go home, he seemed to don’t hear.I think that I still absquatulate.I remember I am last a see his prospects BE, he hurtles a knee to lower the head, is putting together an old life in the Cuo shackles, impatiently scold to the file and the leg the ground say what.I stand on the Shui to receive Shui to receive fog to annoy pleasing to listener arrive he the voice finally is he without intermission the Cuo wear the voice of shackles

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 “What is the reason of your this trip ?”
” Say that I am getting more tired, need an a small segment time spends a holiday.I see in Germany and Italy.”
“Do you want to stay how long in the outside?”
“A week, the most ten days, not longer.Thus you can also take a rest a rest.To, I discover you recently very nervous, seem the very angry appearance is to me,celine handbags, what is the row?”
“Tell the truth with you:I am very sad to let these children as this sacrifice.The world is in the variety, but you still want to let everythings all keep original kind hard.You can not continue to send those children to walk into death, and still shear their tongue, in order to prevent they divulge a secret ……”
“They if talk, we must doomed.Be received benefit to our sacrifice and silent, then we can luckily survive 20 centuries.”
“Why do we see not to get sunlight?”
“You went crazy!”
Their two people silently to see,‎.
May Gu that Er betray oneself?He canceled this mind right away, he was impossible, cut off impossibly.He believes Gu that Er very much, trusting can hand over to him the own life.
“The baggage given me the preparation to set out tomorrow,celine bag.”
Gu that Er didn’t answer and once turned round and closed window another, feel that descending Han is nervous to deliver painful.He deeply absorbed tone and heard reach Yi Ao to slightly close a door to walk.
He discovers at reach the floor of the bedside of Yi Ao up, there is a piece of note.He bent from the waist the note Jian to get up.That is a letter written in Turkish, he could not help looking.
Sometimes reach Yi Ao to literally show him his own letter and document, and still need to listen to listen to his opinion.But Gu that Er know that oneself makes it not now to, feel to have the contents that necessity understand believes all of a sudden again.
The letter didn’t sign signature.The person, who writes a letter, wants to tell reach Yi Ao, the Security Council of jail is studying to want to receive Di cloth the Ji release,tory burch outlet, his claim reach the designation of Yi Ao, if receive Di cloth the Ji is once the jail will adopt what measure.
He is asking myself why reach Yi Ao not and accept a so important letter well,celine bag, does he want he to see?Does he think that he is a rebel?
Take this letter, he walks to reach the office of the Yi Ao.He by hand the joint slightly knock on door and wait for a pastor to make him go in.
” Reach Yi Ao, on the ground that believes in your bedside.”
The noodles of the pastor has no facial expression ground to looking at him, stretched hand to answer letter pass by.
“I have already seen, I think you are to intentionally fall it to make me acquired through luck over there, and show me and establish a trap for me to experiment me isn’t a rebel.Be not, I basically ain’t a rebel.I have already said with myself up thousand next in importance leave, I once thought ascend thousand next in importance tell the world our identities, tell everyone to be doing what.But my have nothing at all does.The reason I not and so do, all is that my mother.Because I want my household continue the life of enjoying the high time, my nephews can lead top than my more happy life.”
Reach Yi Ao to silently looking at him, try and discover from the face of Gu that Er what, which fear that a silk can express that he still has any trace of feelings.
“I know now, why do you walk tomorrow.You worry receive Di cloth the Ji may have an accident, you said with his father

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, I know I how vulgar not civilized.But you never become sad because of this problem.I develop skin Pu a gentleman,celine bags, skin Pu and then develop you a gentleman, I know should how treat your two people.The dear kid there is also the friend of skins Pu, I can promise to your 2 people, I hereafter will put on a beau mouth-muffle forever.After that half minute peeped out my in my words vulgar not civilization,cheap tory burch, I put on this mouth-muffle, I wore this mouth-muffle now, hereafter also wear this mouth-muffle forever.”
The words listenned to him, He uncle especially mouth up say voice”is”, however permit to up see from the noodles, he seems to be not and therefore to feel comfort,left to confuse to don’t understand with the air of panic not certain.Our heartses are all very anxious, hope he is quicker to return to the abode takes a rest, let I and He the uncle stay especially, but his but again cherish and envy this time, loathe to give up with we separate.We had been sitting till very late, lead midnight I just round the trap sends to the Essex street to him and looking at he safely gets into himself darkly of door, looking at him and make door closing, I just experience personally the first-time mood after he come and relax at this time.
The person who sees on the stairs has been staying in my memory, this makes my heart uneasy forever, so every time round after sky is black, all want when I take my guest to go in and out to cautiously observe on all sides some kind of.I am no exception this time.The body resides a big city, as long as realizing to exist to is subjected to the danger that the person keeps watch on in the heart, can hardly avert from the worry in uncertainty of being subjected to person’s surveillance,cheap celine bag, however I don’t believe have here what person is noticing me of each and every move.The street ups north route persons few, all be respectively walking faster,celine bags, when I return to temple area, person from none in street sky.No one followed us to go out when we went out, when I come back also no one followed me back.I after fountain pool, see he empress light in the window brightness, quiet inside the building.I live at I of house doorway stand several minutes, see inside one in garden silent to have no a voice, then just go upstairs;While climbing building on the stairs also equally silent have no voice.
The He uncle opens a pair of arms especially to welcome me, I feel have never had of happiness, such a friends much good.He spoke several words that have views to me with the form to my pity and encouragement, then we sit down to discuss a problem:Next move how should we do?
The Pu Lu Wei Si once sits of the chair still stay in the original place,tory burch outlet, the original didn’t move, because he and the prison building does a companion and become accustomed to abidance by in a place, always keep in mind uneasy emotion, take out the card cut tobacco, sailor’s knife and poker of the his pipe, black head to entirely play a , this seems to write in the course form on the slab of stone and all gets 1 time.I say that the chair that he once sat still stays in the original place at first sealed don’t move, the He uncle unconsciously sat up at this time especially, but a short moment pushed away it since the surprised chair sprang up, changed a chair to sit.Not need language and then can understand, his boon to me lord comes out the performance of abhorrence emotion, certainly also not need me to talk more again.Our 2 people’s doesn’t need to say one more syllable, ability mutual understand, in complete rapport.
The He uncle trusts ground to sit on another chair especially, I say to him after sitting quietly:”You see, how should the next move do?”
“I have mercy on of, dear man virtuous Er, ” he by hand holds a head to say, “I am surprised to be getting more foolish, one brain

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What aspect joke,, tell me, I will be extremely grateful.
“I pretty much would like to, ” he says, “however I think that what aspect you can’t have to want what I remind.We from now on will often together, the mutual has to not have a misunderstanding, had better break the worry of having no necessity.You approve to keep shouting from now on my Christian name He is the uncle especially?”
I mean a with gratitude to his good intentions, and say that I approve very much.As a commutation, I tell him my Christian name to is a thin benefit Pu.
“I don’t like thin benefit Pu, this name, ” he is tiny to say with a smile, “be like to put together to write that severe and solemn demeanor child in the book because the thin benefit Pu sounds, this guy is lazy to drop into garden pond, fat get two eyes all can not open, again so greedy, lock biscuit in the cupboard to loathe to give up to eat, feed a rat as a result, or he makes a firm decision Tao bird’s nest, but be lived the black bear in the neighborhood to eat.I tell you what I like to call you.We each other is very harmonious, you pass by to beat iron, I like this say that you can’t care?”
“With you how say I am inattentive, ” I answer a way, “however I haven’t made to understand your meaning.”
“I usually use virtuous Er of man this name call how are you?The man virtuous Er once composes a charming song, that song called 《harmonious blacksmith 》 .”
“I like this name very much.”
“So, dear man virtuous Er-” door was pushed away right after he finished saying so a few words.He turns round a to see and says:”The supper came, I invited you to sit on the table of first, because this meal I am the blessing that gives you.”
I how don’t wish to listen to his arrangement as well, so he only sits at first, I sit on his opposite.This dinner scale although it is said not big, but very tasty, in the eyes of I, absolutely is the dinner party of mayoral〃 master.Have a meal under the thus independently independent environment is beside that the freedom is comfortable, and has no elders to sit, again city in London on all sides very much.This dinner still has some Gypsy the person’s style and makes our interest exaltations many.If dinner is described with Peng wave contract Mr. Ke’s words, that is “in the lap of luxury”, is BE completely provided by the coffee shop, but we this living room is like a herding grass on all sides the Bian lacks of region,tory burch outlet, so only act according to circumstances, make do with what is available.Send rice come of the waiter also only adapt to the habit that we wander about in this case and put the cutlery of the whole set on the floor(make him walk often be often tripped over) and put loose soft butter chair at the turn up, put bread on bookcase, put cream cheese in the coal basket, put smothered chicken my bed in the next room up-I discovered being stained with many parsleys and butter jelly on the sheet while going to bed in the evening.All all theses make our eat for dinner very interesting, especially be the send rice of bellboy not when we nearby see us eating, we eat more happily.
We ate a burst of, I then remind uncle of He especially,celine handbags, he once promised to speak the affair of young lady Hao Wei Xian to me to listen to while having a meal.
“Want to speak of,celine bag, ” he answers a way, “I then say right away.However man I must talk a matter first, virtuous Er, say from habitually coming of London, can not put case knife into mouth, so as not to the occurrence is surprised.Generally speaking is to pass the food to the mouth to go with the fork, and the position putting into has to be appropriate,, not ability too inside.Certainly, all of this BE

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, There really have I? David Wong, chief of staff look of confusion.

According to him there and I also believe that there should be, feeding flocks of wild dogs eat people, it is estimated will I be able to dry out.

Li Baoqiang a custody Zhang Shouzhi refers to special forces.

Yellow chief of staff, you are responsible for the review, I identified one by one to each other, if to conceal fraud, immediately shot, no punches, including the inside of the Chinese people, which two years down,, they also long been transformed into a lackey of the Han unnatural vice.

Li Baoqiang done in the original jiange base such mutual expose, every two bloody killing a living, he decided to let Huang Kai and other new officers and soldiers to join the Defence Forces have also wanted to try this taste, the smell of blood let them increase the point .

Li Baoqiang with several soldiers toward the sacrifice of more than a dozen special forces beside the body, said body has became a skeleton.

Li Baoqiang standing in front of the body,celine bags, quietly silence for three minutes. Three minutes Li Baoqiang like a lot, he was in deep reflection, he recently promoted to major general,celine bag, frustrated youth, young, and finally made a military commander taboo Jiaobingbibai, which is eternal name of training.

And his body stand out the Jiaokuang look, naturally affect all men, plus all the way to, easily folded up three small base, it was three defenseless small base, naturally, let all men had arrogant, conceited psychology.

When first faced with the Dongfeng Coal Mine tight defense measures when he was insolent to want to continue to use before the special forces attack means, without the tight defense from the other measures found tricky.

Though who would not think I could have driven thousands bunch of dogs, but this tragic ending, or their pride frivolous cause.

Bang, bang, Li Baoqiang pistol behind him came the sound off,tory burch outlet, Li Baoqiang not looked back.

He knew that the soldiers who were at the screening I, but I certainly know that the gang was found that he is I have absolutely no good end, so to conceal her identity is inevitable.

But these I forget them these people there are still Chinese people, this group of Chinese people though have been enslaved for two years, but now their own side control of the situation, the Chinese people will be positively identified, this is human nature,celine bag, common ancestry and family issue.

My race whose heart will be different.

This sentence in China for humans as well.

Finally no more gunfire sounded, Huang Kai Li Baoqiang walked the face of the fine sweat around, his voice trembling: Commander, personnel screening is completed, and a total, the amount of living I a total of one thousand three hundred and forty two, six hundred and eleven people including men, women seven hundred thirty-one people, you see the next step how to act?

Late last soldier soldier 195_ _195 free to read full text of profound reflection Mine bloody chapter has been updated!

  196 Mine bloody massacre the Japanese

Late last soldier soldier 196_ _196 text free to read the chapter bloody massacre I use mine book River, completely ad last soldier!

Li Baoqiang meditation for a while. Dragon novel network provides saw standing beside Wang Zhiming, an Equ swarmed to.

Li Baoqiang turned to Wang Zhiming, rubbed his nose.