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Argos ready for Stamps regardless of whether Joseph or Nichols throws the passes

Edmonton Eskimos rookie quarterback Matt Nichols made a big impression on Argo rookie defensive lineman Armond Armstead when he came from the bench against Montreal and immediately threw a 95-yard TD strike to Fred Stamps.

“Man, can he throw, getting that touchdown on his first chance,” said Armstead, who had been named an Eastern all-star at defensive tackle the 2009 week. “On film, he looks really good. He’s elusive. He’s also a good runner. He can throw. He does everything that you must do.”

However for a minimum of the start of Sunday’s Eastern semifinal in the Rogers Centre, Nichols is going to be on the sidelines. Coach Kavis Reed has decided to start 39-year-old veteran Kerry Joseph.

But Reed won’t hesitate to make the switch – and earlier than later – if Joseph can’t solve the Argos’ aggressive defence.

“The thing you get with Joseph is that he’s a vet and he’s had the experience before. He is able to make throws and run so they have two great options,” said Armstead, who led the Argos in sacks this year with six. “Whoever installed available, I will need to make some big plays.

“With Joseph, he might look you off after which throw an alternative way or do something to mess you up. With a rookie, he will be searching for where the safety is at. He will be worried about where his reads are. As far as as being a D-lineman, Nichols and Joseph are generally elusive so I will need to be on my small “A” game regardless of who is playing.”

Joseph and Nichols also aren’t afraid to throw deep so players for example newly-crowned Eastern all-star defensive back Patrick Watkins and fellow secondary teammate Evan McCollough know they may be set for an active afternoon.

“Yeah, both of them can throw the ball on the field and then we have to be prepared for that,” said Watkins, who together with safety Jordan Younger led the team with five interceptions. “As often as they throw to me, I’ve got to become ready making the best play will be able to on every down”

Watkins likely will not be called to pay for Fred Stamps, the CFL’s hottest receiver, who had five touchdowns in the last five games. He’ll much more likely be compared to rookie Shamawd Chambers or Cary Koch, both capable of big scoring plays.

“But installed a little bit of everybody available, Anyways, I must prepare for all of them and just how everybody runs their routes,” Watkins said.

Coach Scott Milanovich won’t reveal who reaches cover Stamps but by the way in which practice has shaped up it appears McCollough gets the assignment although he won’t confirm it.

“Stamps is an extremely smart receiver. He plays the ball well in the air and is very athletic. Any defender has to consider him as a problem,” said McCollough, that has be a big-play specialist recently, making diving tackles or punishing hits. He had two interceptions and 54 tackles this year.

“It’s always beneficial to go up against among the best receivers. It is a challenge and I’m ready for any challenge that comes up. When the ball comes my way I know I have to make the play right away. You need to approach every play that you’ll win that battle every time.”

Milanovich said his team includes a specific strategy for Stamps.

“Fred started slow but the other half of year he’s been uncoverable so our guys are well aware of what we need to do,” Milanovich said “There will be times we’ll need to man him up one-on-one and our D-line is going to have to rush the passer and not let him stand back there (with a lot of time).”

Right from training camp, the Argos had one clear mission; to get at the Grey Cup on Nov. 25 at the Rogers Centre. But Milanovich makes it quite clear they cannot look beyond Sunday’s game.

“You concentrate on one game. This is your Super Bowl. You can’t navigate to the Grey Cup without beating Edmonton,” said Armstead, who played in Bowl games at USC.

Watkins said dealing with the Grey Cup motivated his teammates all season.

“That was our goal 6 months ago. It’s what we all talked about. We set a goal of creating the playoffs and that we achieved that. Now we have to attain our second goal of beating Edmonton,” Watkins said. “So we aren’t thinking about the Grey Cup. We’re thinking about Edmonton.”相关的主题文章: